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Ethnic Art, Collectibles, Handmade Arts/Crafts, Antiques/Artifacts, Oddities and More!

We specialize in unique items and contemporary artifacts. From indigenous instruments and art, to ethnic collectibles, you will find one of a kind pieces within our shop. We also have a collection of hand made and fair-trade items that benefit local or indigenous communities throughout the world.

Here you may find selections of Appalachian crafts or Amazonian folk art, hand forged knives or finely woven adornments from Mexico, beautiful mineral specimens of Amethyst or hand carved conch shell trumpets. But one’s things for sure….

Arkaism is where you can find the weird, rare and unique.

Archaism is defined as…

  1. a thing that is very old or old-fashioned.
  2. an archaic word or style of language or art.
  3. the use or conscious imitation of very old or old-fashioned styles or features in language or art.

Arkaism is an archaic prism, a collective ship that respects and shares the world’s kaleidoscope of traditions and cultures, past and present.

We offer a wide variety of cultural art & artifacts, ethnic items & instruments, hand made art, and fair trade items from across the world.

If you’re looking for a unique gift, we probably have it!

Our first phase is an online bazaar style market. Here you will find all the items and vendors we are currently offering. Our next planned phase will be a physical retail location/gallery.

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If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.

John F. Kennedy

Background on Arkaism

William A. Rodriguez is the founder and creator of Arkaism, an idea sparked by his creativity and passion for hand made or unique items, cultural artifacts, ethnic art, and contemporary artisan works.

William is an entrepreneur who started a business before 18, designing murals and shirt designs. He has owned and operated a graphic/web design company for over 25 years, and also has two other businesses he oversees.

Ignited by his passion of ancient artifacts and instrument building, he started Archaic Roots in 2015, an indigenous instrument and ceremonial tool company, which offers educational workshops and presentations, custom instruments and ceremonial tools.

Arkaism was started to offer an online space for a range of unique and hand made items. With a collection of artisan work from around the world, as well as fair-trade and hard to find items. We strive to provide quality items, at fair rates, that promote, honor and cherish the artist/culture those items originated from.

Where you can find the weird, rare and unique!

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